Hi! I’m Autism Dad, Rob Errera, and this is my son Rocco. Autism is a non-stop adventure for us,

autism dad family swings 2005

My crew in June 2005.

as it is for Roc’s younger sister, Francesca, and my wife, Laura.

I’m not supposed to be the author of Autism Dad: Adventures In Raising an Autistic Son. I’m supposed to write science fiction and horror stories. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do, what I’ve been doing since age seven. I’m supposed to be the next Stephen King.

But life had other plans for me, as it does for many of us. A long, strange trip led me to publishing this collection of essays, practically demanded it. I take the old adage, “write what you know” to heart. I write what I live.

Why, Autism Dad? Why?

There are nearly three million people in the United States who have autistic children, and countless more across the globe. Half of them are fathers, Autism Dads, and chances are many of them have experienced — or will experience — some of the same things I have.

I hope this blog shows what it’s like to live with, and raise a child with autism. It’s different than raising a typical child (I have one of those, too).The highs are higher, the lows are lower, and everything’s more intense. At times this is a horror story (Note to Self: be careful what you wish for), but it’s also a drama, a comedy, a political manifesto, a surreal farce, and a personal diary. Ultimately, it’s a love story, as all good tales should be. Love is the engine that drives us all.

autism dad family 2011

All decked out in January 2011.

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