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Fist bump, Hot Potato defuses threat that wasn’t

My 13-year-old autistic son, Rocco, is having a rough summer vacation. The hormonal demands of puberty make Rocco irritable and unpredictable. He’s gotten tall, strong, and fast, and I can’t always keep up with him. He’s a young man with a mind of his own, and sometimes his mind turns toward teen rebellion. We visited […]

Hockey Hero

Roc suits up and gets ready to take the ice as part of the NJ Daredevils Hockey Team.

Guitar Built For Baby Boy and Grown Man

I built an electric guitar for my son. It wasn’t difficult –- it came in a kit and cost about $100. I spent another couple bucks on stain and sealant. Once I finished the body and shaped the headstock, it took less than an hour to put together, the only tools needed were a couple […]

In the batter’s box

Rocco had two leadoff singles today, and showed solid play in the field, including a red-hot line drive off the shin that he fielded for an out! Francesca was an excellent coach and mentor!